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Sid’s Dish – What I learned from the Super Bowl!

by on Feb.09, 2012, under Events, General Posts, Sports

Super Bowl XLVI (46) has come and gone! The New york Giants are World champs once again.  The game itself is the most watched event in the world – with larger audiences than the World Cup! Giants vs Patriots – who did you like? What did you learn? Let me dish it out!

Super models are not super spokesmen – that is for sure! Giselle should have been quiet! The players are pros and she is a pro but she should have been less vocal. What do you think?

Games are games and fun is fun – but the Bowl is the game of all games – and guess what? I have watched almost every Super bowl since I was 5 years old – Dallas Cowboys vs Baltimore Colts – with the exception of a couple. I almost never miss it  as I am as old as the Super Bowl itself.  It is the only Championship game that I look forward to.  I am a football fan first – then I have my teams.  None of my teams made the Super Bowl this year!

I was hoping for a Harbaugh Bowl myself – especially since the Cowboys blew their chances this season…  And since none of my yearlong picks came to fruition – I settled for what was supposed to be a great game.  I was disappointed only because it didn’t play out the way it could have – but i did learn some things along the way and i want to pass them along here.  This is what I learned:

  1. The super bowl is a good game but can still be boring super  – because, it can be boring; but here is the rest; see the end -
  2. You can be down – but don’t count yourself out – Look at the Giants;
  3. Do not underestimate your age – Tom Coughlin is the oldest coach to win the Super Bowl;
  4. Analysts and naysayers are only guessing – all the analysis and guessing are speculation – they do not determine the outcome;
  5. Even the best in the world can make mistakes – Tom Brady, one of the best to play the game, made a mistake on his first play from scrimmage;
  6. You have to make plays – especially when it counts;
  7. Mistakes don’t cost you the game – even with the early mistake – the Patriots had a chance;
  8. Mistakes will cost you the game – you have to make a play, especially when it counts – Hernandez and Welker dropped critical passes late in the game;
  9. It is just a game – just like the game of life,
  10. Sloppy is still compelling – good game, boring and sloppy, but went down to the wire;
  11. Losing, like failure, is an event – losing and failing are events, and does not define who you are:
  12. If you do your best – you still might come up short;
  13. You gotta make plays – you may make the difference in the outcome;
  14. It still “ain’t nothing but a football game” – we place way too much emphasis on the Super Bowl – it is just a game;
  15. Games matter – it pays too take your fun serious – ask the Patriots;
  16. Winning counts – ask the Giants;
  17. If you are a supermodel, it is best to be seen and not  heard – much like children – it is best to be seen and not heard!;
  18. The Super Bowl is the greatest game to watch - According to the Nielsen Company, more than 110 million people watched Super Bowl XLVI –
  19. if you have to rely on a prayer -it will be answered – just not the way you want – see hail mary pass;
  20. There are more important things in life – ask Payton;
  21. The game is a blast – watch it and see’
  22. You can bond with family – ask my 10 year old daughter – our first together!

The game is great – the Super Bowl is greater and there is lots to learn – but you must learn to appreciate the fact that it is just a game and that life is just a game also.

Have fun Play hard and dammit – catch the friggin ball! or risk losin it all!

Be blessed and dish it out yourself – Sid


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